who are these guys?

Eric Sanders plays drums and percussion. Brooks Smith plays keyboards. Vaylor Trucks plays guitar and Moog synthesizer.  Eric is an in-demand touring drummer and music instructor, currently teaching at the Atlanta Institute of Music and has a touring resume which ranges from Col. Bruce Hampton and the Fiji Mariners to Stuck Mojo. Brooks is a multi-instrumentalist who has toured nationally on four different instruments and was part of the first wave of jamband insurgency as a member of both The Grapes and Lester's Farm. Vaylor has gained a small amount of notoriety through his tenure with Bonobos Convergence, and later with Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band; plus he's related to a few folks you may have heard of. 

The Yeti Trio was formed in 1998 and has remained a labor of love for all three... except for Brooks. We hate Brooks.

Photos  by Jeff Boehlert

Photos  by Jeff Boehlert


Vaylor uses Moog analog synthesizers and effects, and Fuchs Audio Technology guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets.